About Jenifer Vogt

Jenifer Vogt is a creative soul with an adventurous spirit. As a kid, if she wasn’t outside exploring the woods and nearby historic sites — often in ways that would have spooked her mother had she known the full extent of it — she was buried in a book, or making some type of art.

Her fascination with art and history led her to an internship in the Education department at the Metropolitan Museum of Art when she was only 16-years-old. This, followed by spending time in Rome exploring some of the historic art sites, like the Vatican, led her to obtain her bachelor’s in art history.

She was all set to be a curator, too, and was looking for a job in New York City that would pay her enough money to move out of her parents’ home when she was offered a temporary assignment in the Global Promotions & Sponsorships Department at Mastercard’s corporate headquarters.

She was overwhelmed on her first day when she realized she’d be working with the team that managed Mastercard’s relationship with the PGA TOUR. It also happened that her creativity, organizational skills and resourcefulness gave her an advantage in the field of marketing. And that’s how she began her twenty year career as a marketer — while she was busy making other plans.

Working in corporate marketing environments was good training ground where she learned and honed her skill set, but she longed to do more with her interest in art. So, in 2005 she began a side hustle as a professional art and culture writer.

In 2011, she expanded beyond art writing to Italian culture and created the Italian South Florida blog. Through that, she began to explore her identity as an Italian American. She dove deep into learning the language and culture and realized she felt an affinity with Italians and was proud to be part of a culture that had contributed so much to the world.

The blog and freelance art writing sustained her while she recovered from thyroid cancer and it led to freelance marketing projects and eventually to, in 2014, launching JMV Media Group  to provide digital marketing, data privacy, social commerce and public relations education, information and services to small businesses and entrepreneurs. 

This site is where she writes about American and Italian art and she also writes about how art complements interior design in hospitality environments.  She touches on a variety of topics as a Gen X Lifestyle Blogger, too — many of a more personal nature. 

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