Your Free Vision Board Workbook Download

This is a graphic that depicts the cover of Jenifer Vogt's Vision Board Workbook, which is called The 7 Elements of Wellness. User can click on this image to initiate a download of a PDF version of the workbook.

The 7 Elements of Wellness by Jenifer Vogt

Important: Click on the image to download but note that where you initiate this download will determine how the PDF arrives. BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR SPAM Folder. On some mobile operating systems, you may need to open this page in your browser and then allow the download, but in others simply clicking on the image will initiate the download without any prompt and you will find it in Files/File Manager>Downloads folder.

This is a simple workbook for a complicated subject: your life. Based on research on various methods for vision boarding, I’ve created this guide to help you envision each of the seven elements of wellness that contribute to happiness and overall wellbeing. Your job is to use each page to write how you envision yourself in each element.

Simply click on the image to initiate the download. Then, save the workbook to your computer. 

You can print this workbook to write in and adhere images to each page. Or convert these pages to graphics and use them in a Powerpoint deck, which is how I maintain my own vision board. I give you permission to use this workbook and its images publicly as long as you credit me by name!

Your vision board can be as unique as you. The most important thing is that you create in the easiest way for you and keep it somewhere that you can refer to it and even modify it daily.

Creating a vision board that explores each element of wellness takes your manifestation to a higher level. You must imagine what you want for yourself in each element. For example, for “Pleasure” — what brings you joy? Is it traveling? Then, write on the page where you see yourself travelling and when and even how you will get there? Is it a road trip or overseas? To have even more impact, cut out photos and adhere them to the page.

It’s important that you look at your vision board daily in order to stay focused on your goals and dreams.  Above all, have fun with it! This is a creative expression of the life you want for yourself!

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