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About Jenifer Vogt

I’m a global digital marketer, marketing communications strategist and arts, culture and lifestyle writer.  I’ve been fortunate to work with many individuals and organizations on memorable projects throughout my twenty-years of working in the field of marketing and public relations, during which I’ve worked as part of in-house marketing teams for large corporations and nonprofits and with my own consultancy, JMV Media Group.  To-date, I’ve also had over 100 articles published in global and national art and culture magazines.

Recently, I launched this blog to continue writing about American and Italian art and also, more specifically, about the role of art and interior design in creating hospitable environments.  Inspired by the emergence of so many interesting 45+ female bloggers, I included a Lifestyle section for other topics I enjoy, too.

Jenifer Vogt's tribute to Wes Anderson sitting area

Inspired by Wes Anderson

I wanted to have some fun with this small sitting area space. There’s not even enough room here for a full-size couch, so I opted for a 65″ loveseat.  It was important that it be a happy and unique space.  That made me think to pay tribute to my favorite director, Wes Anderson, who is truly one-of-a-kind.  His creative direction presents a worldview that makes his films as instantly recognizable as a Van Gogh painting. My vision was to create a warm space that had both humor and elegance.  Color was critical because the apartment only has windows on one side and I wanted to brighten it up. The pink and green reference the bible of my young adult life, The Preppy Handbook.

Almost everything you see is from Amazon, Home Depot, Walmart and Wayfair. This was hardcore DIY and design-on-a-dime. I even bought my first power drill (pink!) and spent a month limping around because the physical labor aggravated my arthritis. It was grueling work and yes, there were a few times when I had the sexist thought:  wow, maybe I do need a husband.   I’ll share my design inspiration board in a later post and add names and links to the where I found everything – like the enormous canvas of the Grand Budapest Hotel! 

2022 Flagler Museum Palm Beach Christmas Tree

Easy to Love Palm Beach at Christmas

It took me a while to get used to spending the holiday season in a place without snow, but, after fifteen years, I have to admit that Floridians get the Christmas thing very right. It is beautiful in every way.  I just got back from seeing the 2022 Christmas tree at the Flagler Museum and all I can say is, “wow.” Just wow.

The Beauty of the Hudson Valley

I was raised in the lower part of the Hudson Valley region. If you ask me where I’m from that’s the response you’ll get. If you ask me who I am, however, that’s also the response you’ll get.

I feel a kinship with the Hudson River School painters, like Thomas Cole, Asher Durand and Frederic Edwin Church. I have a bachelor’s in art history. I’ve focused on Italian art from the Renaissance Art to the present and American art from the Hudson River School till the present. I continue to study and learn all I can. It’s an enjoyable and interesting lifelong journey!