I'm a marketer & storyteller who provides strategic and tactical services to individuals that allow them to clarify and refine their story and increase their audience, engagement and revenue. This is my professional website and also my wellness & lifestyle blog geared towards the 40+ crew.

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Do you need help visualizing the life you want?

I’ve been on a personal wellness journey since recovering from thyroid cancer ten years ago and I’ve learned some things along the way. The most important is that having a vision for your life helps you develop goals and stick to them when times get tough. I’d like to share my workbook, The 7 Elements of Wellness, to help you develop your vision for each essential aspect of wellness. Sign up for my email list and I’ll send it to you for free!

Jenifer Vogt 7 Elements of Wellness Workbook


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Featured Marketing Lesson

How to Do Logo Creation Right

During launch, many entrepreneurs don’t pay enough attention to logo creation because they don’t understand why it’s important to do it right. They often don’t have money for professional marketing so they do a lot of it themselves, even if they don’t have marketing experience. It’s OK to DIY your logo with a tool like Canva, or by paying for a low-cost Fiverr logo project, if you’re starting out with less than $10K. However, whether you opt for one of these options, or you have the funds to invest in a professional designer, it’s important to understand enough about logo creation to make sure it’s done right.

With everything that happens at the beginning of starting a business, a logo seems inconsequential, but it’s not. A poorly designed logo is like a red light to potential investors signaling that you lack business savvy. It also shows competitors that you don’t understand marketing and they can steal your idea. A poorly designed logo can also cost you money down the line if it needs to be redone.

It’s not complicated to do logo creation right and it matters. It really does. So, in this post, I’m going to teach you the 10 fundamentals of logo creation so you ensure it’s done right at the starting line. I’ll review 1.) Color, 2.) Color Palette, 3.) Technicalites, 4.) Variations, 5.) Fonts, 6.) Layers, 7.) Transparency, 8.) Rights, 9.) Safekeeping and 10.) Thinking Ahead.

Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell. ~Seth Godin

Have you been disappointed by marketers?

I don't want you to be disappointed again by dealing with any of the following situations, so I'll actively listen to understand your goals and dreams and then I'll be frank about whether I'm the right marketer to help you realize them. I want you to have a positive marketing communications experience.

Empty Promises, No Results

Tired of marketers making grand promises but failing to deliver tangible results? Work with me, and let’s turn those promises into measurable success.

One-Size-Fits-All Strategies

Sick of generic marketing approaches that don’t consider the unique needs of your target audience? Choose me for tailored strategies that reflect your individuality and experience.

Missing the Empowerment Element

Marketing should empower, not just sell. If prior marketing has been product-centric without connecting with your unique story, let me craft your marketing narrative.


In a digital era, navigating online platforms can be daunting. Let me simplify the complexity, creating a roadmap that brings your brand to life in the digital space.

Lack of Personal Connection

Feeling like just another client on a long list? Experience personalized consultations where your journey is understood, valued, and woven into every aspect of your marketing strategy.

I'm here to help you harness the power of your story, your journey, and your expertise to connect with your audience authentically.

Jenifer Vogt is also known as Jenifer Mangione Vogt. She is a digital strategist, digital content creator and professional writer

I'm Jenifer Vogt, a marketing communications pro who uses creative content and marketing technology to grow audiences, engagement and revenue for my clients.

I tailor campaigns to each generation of consumers, but I specialize in Gen X and Baby Boomers. I believe effective marketing speaks to the preferences and interests of each generation. Sometimes, they’ll be the same, but often they’re not. Opportunities are lost when marketers lack the emotional intelligence to understand generational diversity.

I’ve honed my craft after 20 years of experience with multinational corporations, global nonprofits and with visionary and inspiring leaders and entrepreneurs. I’ve done this as an in-house marketer, and with my own consultancy, JMV Media Group.  

I’m also a freelance and hobby writer. I write about art and culture. I write fiction. I write for fun. I write for money. I still send handwritten thank you notes and holiday cards. I’ve recently launched my wellness blog for women over 40.

Connect with me on Linkedin! 

Tailored Solutions for Audiences, Engagement and Revenue Growth

Expanding Audiences: Unlocking New Horizons

In the dynamic landscape of marketing, capturing the attention of diverse audiences is key to success. Leveraging my expertise, I employ strategic methodologies to broaden your reach and connect with untapped markets. Whether it’s tailoring campaigns to specific generational preferences or utilizing innovative content strategies, my approach ensures your brand resonates with a broader audience, opening new avenues for growth.

Elevating Engagement: Crafting Compelling Connections

Engagement is the heartbeat of effective marketing. I specialize in developing content strategies that captivate and resonate with your audience on a deeper level. Through a fusion of creativity and data-driven insights, I craft compelling narratives that ignite interest, spark conversations, and foster lasting connections. Elevating engagement isn’t just a goal; it’s a commitment to creating meaningful interactions that leave a lasting impression.

Boosting Revenue: Turning Strategies into Profits

Ultimately, the success of any marketing endeavor is measured by its impact on revenue. Drawing on two decades of experience, I design campaigns not just to generate interest but to drive tangible results. From marketing technology and CRM solutions to digital commerce strategies, my focus is on translating audience expansion and heightened engagement into increased revenue. Let’s transform your marketing journey into a revenue-generating adventure.



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Marketing & Public Relations


featured blog stories

7 Compelling Reasons for People Over 40 to Eat Olive Oil Every Day

Olive oil, a friend of aging bodies. While it might not have the allure of a fine wine, it’s a vital component in maintaining health and warding off age-related health issues. As we advance in years, our nutritional needs shift, making olive oil an indispensable part of our daily diet. With its diverse benefits, including joint health, heart disease prevention, and cognitive support, olive oil proves to be an essential ally for those over 40. It takes on a pivotal role in preventing an array of health issues that tend to arise with age.

When it comes to olive oil, quality and origin matter. Some of the world’s finest olive oils are produced in the Mediterranean region, including countries like Italy, Greece, and Spain. These regions benefit from the ideal climate and soil conditions for growing olives. To select the best olive oil, consider factors such as the labeling – look for designations like “extra virgin” and “cold-pressed,” which indicate superior quality and extraction methods. The taste can vary from mild and buttery to robust and peppery, so choose one that complements your culinary preferences. Opt for olive oils packaged in dark glass bottles to protect against light exposure, and store them in a cool, dark place to preserve their freshness and flavor. READ MORE>>

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