Abundance Email Course for Mindset Coach

A mindset coach and professional hypnotherapist hired me to create an email course to sell on her website that would introduce clients and prospects to what it means to have an abundance mindset. She wanted the course to be available for purchase on her website and automated so that once I set it up, she would not need to do anything to process orders or maintain the course. It would just provide a steady revenue stream. 

The client provided brand guidelines that included a logo, color palette and fonts.  I designed a sales landing page and a payment page using her guidelines.

The work I completed for this client was all-inclusive, from start to finish, for the full development and delivery of the course.  Here, you can see the landing page design I created, which also incorporated illustrations done by the client’s illustrator. I optimized the page for conversions by including compelling copy about how the course could improve the student’s mindset, as well as best practices for landing page design.

The landing page was originally created and hosted in Mailchimp, but eventually recreated on the client’s website. The payment page was created and hosted in Square payments. These sites each have their own restrictions and guidelines that limited my design options, but I still presented the client with a polished and professional purchase and checkout experience to give her clients and prospects.  After the initial work was done, the client purchase the Simplero product and I helped with that implementation and transition. 

The client had created seven audio meditations she wanted to include with the emails.  So, I took her themes from each of those and wrote the course content using them as the focal point, which included developing personal characteristics, such as compassion and creativity. 

So, the course included seven lessons, but I also created a welcome email, an introduction-to-the-course email and a course-wrap-up email. So, the full course runs for 10 consecutive days.  

In addition to writing the course around her themes, I made the suggestion that we add a Vision Board exercise. Each day, the participant would get a new task for building a Vision Board that would be complete upon course completion. 

I also suggested and wrote Daily Affirmations to include with the lesson emails that reinforced the themes that were being presented. 

Here are some excerpts from the content I wrote.  One is an example of the copywriting used within a lesson, and the other is an example of the copywriting for the daily Vision Board exercises.

In addition to course development that included structure, copywriting and design, I also set up the automation.  

The automation runs from Mailchimp. When a person purchases the course from the client’s side they are taken to the payment page and once their payment is processed they receive the first email, which is the Welcome email. The next morning they receive the first email lesson, which is the introductory lesson. After that, they receive one email each morning until they complete the course.

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