B2B Marketing for Professional Service Firm

Creating and Marketing the Brand

Logo Design

I collaborated with a talented graphic designer to create a logo that conveyed a business focus, but also had a sense of wimsy and fun. Navy blue is generally a serious color, so we complemented it and lightened the mood with a cursive font. My experience working with brands taught me to always create logo variations that can be used on different channels, yet are always recognizable and reinforce the brand identity. These variations became the backbone for all the print and digital marketing materials, providing for flexibility and creative solutions where the main logo may not have worked as well. For example, on certain social media channels, like Facebook, where the circle for the logo is small and makes it difficult to read the font.

Marketing Collateral

A simple, printed tri-fold brochure and separate rate sheet insert.  Since my service offerings include public relations, the cover of the brochure is a play on the scene from La Dolce Vita when the main character exits the plane and encounters a horde of paparazzi. 

Company Website

The JMV Media Group website is as much about providing useful information as it is about selling our services. That’s why the site includes learning resources. We also regularly update the site with digital marketing, data privacy and marketing techology news that impact our industry. 

Social Media

Social media channels are used to keep people informed about the projects the agency works on. We also use it to share information about issues that impact the marketing & communications industry. And, we also include informational quotes and art to keep it interesting. 




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