Digital Marketing for Nonprofit Membership Association

Institute of Coaching at Harvard Medical School

I provided digital marketing services to the Institute of Coaching (IOC) at Harvard Medical School. The IOC is a nonprofit organization that provides services to professional coaches in world-class professional development and community networking through webinars, learning events, an annual Coaching in Leadership and Healthcare Conference and a second-to-none coaching resource library.  The digital marketing work I did fell into a few different categories that included:

Email Marketing

I designed graphics and banners for their weekly email campaigns and also provided copy editing for the work submitted by faculty and practitioners. I also managed the distribution of emails in KEAP, the CRM product they used.  I primarly worked on the research report emails that the IOC would send paid members, but I also worked on emails to promote events, newsletters and holiday greetings. For the non-research report emails, I also provided copywriting.

Social Media Marketing

I designed graphics for their social media channels, including Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and posted regular, also monitoring their engagement stats for continuous improvement.

Webinar Marketing

The majority of the work I did, for both email and social media, was to promote webinars with IOC leadership and leading thinkers in the field of coaching, including Scott Barry Kaufman, Ron Carucci, Dorie Clark, and Robert Biswas-Diener, among others. I’d create graphic materials and then traffic it to the director speaker or their assistant for approval and to also promote through their channels.

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