Marketing Communications for Italian Restaurant Group

Toscana Divino Hospitality Group

I was retained to provide digital marketing and public relations services for Miami’s Toscana Divino Hospitality Group, which owns and operates both Toscana Divino in Miami’s Brickell district and Ironside Pizza Kitchen in North Miami, as well as other restaurants and they provide upscale event catering and in-house concierge dining to many of Miami’s luxury condominiums. The work I did for them included the following.

  • Public Relations – I actively scouted opportunities for their restaurants to garner media attention and pitched ideas to reporters. In 2019, I conceived the idea to do a calendar that was a twist on all the all-girl calendars generally done in Miami. We used all the men that worked in their restaurants. The calendar was aptly titled The Italian Way to reinforce that this is an authentic Italian hospitality group. The owners are from Italy, as are many of the people on their team. The calendar proceeds benefitted No Kid Hungry. We had a party to release the calendar and the local news came to cover it.
  • Social Media Marketing – I created  original visual and written content for the social media channels for Toscana Divino and Ironside Kitchen that educated their following about the cooking styles and authentic Italian ingredients they used in their dishes, as well as about Italian cuisine in general.  I also provided content about their extensive offerings of wines from Italy, among the largest cellars in Miami.
  • Influencer Outreach – Nearly 40 Miami-based bloggers and influencers attended a tasting I organized at Toscana Divino, and I continued to maintian relationships with these people on the restaurant’s behalf.
  • Web Marketing Content & SEO Writing – I wrote the content for a new website they launched for Toscana Divino, and for signage for a new restaurant, Toscanino.
  • Blog & SEO Writing – I’ve written many blog posts for the websites for Toscana Divino and Ironside Kitchen about authentic Italian food and wine products, as well as about TDHG’s commitment to sustainable business practices.


Sample of Blog Articles

The Italian Way Calendar Toscana Divino Hospitality Group
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