Marketing & Communications Program for Cultural Nonprofit

Il Circolo, the Italian Cultural Organization of Palm Beach

Il Circolo, is a nonprofit organization that raises funds to promote the adavancement of Italian culture and language in Palm Beach and beyond. When the organization hired me, they’d never had a marketing or public relations professional on their team. They were almost entirely run by volunteers and most of the materials created for marketing they did themselves. 

The work I did for them included the following:

  • Rebranding to reflect the organization’s prestige and influence, including managing the redesign of their logo 
  • Creating and writing content for a new WordPress website
  • Managing their social media channels
  • Managing their public relations, including regular writing and distribution of press releases, direct pitching and building media relationships
  • Providing marketing and publicity support to their annual gala at The Breakers in Palm Beach
  • Assisting with the organization and community outreach for Italian festivals they were involved with
  • Creating graphic design materials
  • Launching a professional networking event to attract a new supporter base 
  • Also serving as the marketing person on their Board of Directors for two years
Jenifer Vogt Creative for Il Circolo 2015 Gala at The Breakers Palm Beach
Sally Valenti and Il Circolo Feast of the Seven Fishes Boca Raton Observer
Article about Jenifer Mangione, who is also known as Jenifer Vogt, in La Circolettera, the newsletter for the Il Circolo Italian organization
Il Circolo logo redesign Jenifer Vogt
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