Italian Sunday Dinners

Reviving a Beloved Italian American Tradition

Sunday dinner together with family were a tradition that many Baby Boomers grew up with and reminisce about fondly. Sadly, they’re not that prevalent nowadays. I thought it’d be fun to revive this tradition as a community building endeavor for the Italian American community and they were a big success. People enjoyed gathering together to make new friends and I know that attendees left not only knowing more people, but also with fond memories.

I always had entertainment in the form of an Italian American crooner belting out Sinatra and Martin tunes. I also left icebreakers on the tables with questions people could ask each other, as well as the lyrics to some of the most popular Italian songs, like “Volare,” which the performer would get everyone involved with.  There were also always prizes and giveaways. I did everything to make these events warm, welcoming, fun and memorable! 

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