Publicity for Ligabue's First Miami Concert

One of Italy's Most-Loved Singer/Songwriters

Luciano Ligabue, known simply as Ligabue or, affectionately as Liga, in Italy, is one of the country’s most well-known rock musicians. In fact, he is third on the list of the 10 Concerts with the Most Spectators in History. On September 10, 2005, Liga appeared at the Campevolo, the largest arena in Italy’s Reggio Emilia region. Attendance beat even the numbers made by U2 and exceeded 120,000. Three stages had to be set up and Liga had to travel back and forth among them so the entire crowd could see him! Watch a clip from the 2005 concert. When Ligabue decided to tour America for the first time, he worked with a wide array of event producers, concert promoters and publicists in various US cities. I was one of the publicists helping the event organizers in Miami.

Here's the Tour's Promo Video

Tour's Promotional Card

Liguabue Miami Beach 2014 Rhythm Foundation
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