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It Began as Italian South Florida

In 2011, I launched a blog called Italian South Florida that highlighted authentic Italian culture and cuisine in Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade counties in Florida. The blog amassed a substantive following and became a trusted source for people, products, places and events that represented the true culture of Italy. It also catered to the unique preferences of two distinct audiences: Italian expatriates living in the US and Italian Americans.

As the blog grew, I became a social media “influencer” before that was even a thing. Various well-known Italian companies and brands consistently contacted me for partnerships and promotions. I also eventually becoming a producer of Italian special events, such as Miami’s first Ferragosto event, because I’d grown an email list of nearly 3,000 locals interested in finding the best of Made in Italy in South Florida.

I used my birth last name as my middle name when I blogged, so people would know that I am Italian. My byline for anything related to Italy was always Jenifer Mangione Vogt. As my WordPress and blogging expertise developed, due to a lot of training and self-teaching, I redesigned and improved the site and I’ve included examples that show the evolution.

But Became The Italian Influence

By 2018, the blog had become The Italian Influence so I could cover stories beyond South Florida, but in 2020, due to the coronavirus lockdown, I shut down the blog so I could begin to cover general wellness topics, and those relevant to women over 40. However, the Facebook page for the blog still exists and has over 9K real followers.

During my tenure as a successful influencer with the Italian Influence, I wrote about hundreds of Italian topics, including Italian books, movies, celebrities, fashion, restaurants, opera, musicians and more. A partial list of my promotional partners includes: the film, “Mid-August Lunch”; multiple editions of Italian Hit Week; Il Volo’s first Miami Beach concert; Lidia Bastianich’s “Lidia’s Italy in America”; “The Italians,” by John Hooper; various events for NIAF, promoting Cinema Italy, the annual Italian film festival; promoting Columbus Day events, events to promote Italian art exhibits, and many, many more….

The Italian Influence Events - Partial List

Here’s a partial list of events I partnered with, or worked at and, if they appear in red, click to view photo albums.

Il Volo’s First Miami Beach Concert | October 7, 2011

Morellino di Scansano US Tour Miami Edition | October 26, 2011

Vinitaly 2012 | March 25-28, 2012

Promoting Saeco Xelsius | August 4, 2012

Food & Wine Demonstraction with Zonin Prosecco and the Carro Twins | October 24, 2012

Vinitaly Miami | January 2013

Food & Wine Demo with Zonin Prosecco & Chef Giorgio Rapicavoli | March 2013

Francesco Zonin at Made in Italy | February 2014

Pompano Beach & Termoli Sister Cities Event | June 2016

In 2016, my company, JMV Media Group,  which I launched in 2014, began to blossom and I was doing more events and promotions through that. You can find these on my Portfolio page.

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