Wordpress Website for Construction Firm

A South Florida family-owned and operated residential and commercial construction company needed an affordable, SEO-friendly website that showcased their work and capabilities. I created this site in WordPress using the Divi theme, wrote the content and provided some of the photography. I also trained the company’s administrator on WordPress and Divi functionality, so they could take the ongoing maintenance of the site in-house. 

The client provided the logo.  I chose a color palette to complement their colors and created an attractive layout.  The home page presents the viewer with the most important information: how to contact them. It also includes a photo that showcases their work.

The site is created in WordPress using the Divi theme by Elegant Themes. I’ve got a developer’s license for Divi and have been working with it for seven years, so I’ve cultivated expertise in it’s functionality. I enjoy Divi because it’s responsive and there are many great features, such as the ease of embedding YouTube videos.

What I also like about Divi is that, after I complete the site,  I can easily train my clients to maintain it themselves if they prefer.  They don’t need to be dependent on me for simple things, like updates or copy changes. While it’s possible to add custom code to Divi, it’s not always necessary. So, a site can be maintained by someone who isn’t a coder.

I interviewed the client to understand his business better and then wrote this company description. I also researched trending topics in his industry and used those to create the blog posts that appear in the right-hand column. I optimized the page for SEO for various topics relating to commercial and residential construction.

When I create websites for my clients, I always include setting up their Google Analytics accounts and creating basic reports so they can monitor their site traffic.

On this page, I listed the various commercial and residential construction services the client can provide to their customers.  Please note that all the interior pages of the site are optimized for conversions with the “Get a Quote” button.

The client told me about various projects he’d done throughout South Florida, but he didn’t have any photos that were a good enough quality to use on the site. So, I visited one of his projects and took the photos featured on the page that showcases his work.

The “Get a Quote” buttons on each page lead to this page that has a simple form embedded into it. This page also serves as the Contact page.  The information from the form is emailed to the owner of the company within a few minutes. 

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